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About Bilda in English

Bilda is a Swedish study association, one of ten Swedish adult educational associations.

Though under our current name only since 2003, our history goes back to 1947, when Frikyrkliga Studie­förbundet was founded by the Methodist, Baptist and Mission Covenant youth organisations.

In the 1970’s the Orthodox Churches in Sweden joined Bilda, and in 2010 the Catholic diocese of Stockholm became a member organization. Today, Bilda has 48 member organizations from three different church families.

As an adult educational association, Bilda is part of the Swedish tradition of folkbildning, liberal adult education, which grew out of the popular movements of the 19th century. Folk means people and bildning means learning. Put them together and you get the word folkbildning, the Swedish form of non-formal adult education.

Through study circles, courses, and cultural programs, the study associations have contributed to the develop­ment of democratic cultural practices in Sweden.

Though offering courses and study circles on a broad variety of subjects, Bilda specializes in religion, culture, dialogue and music. In 2014, more than 100 000 people partici­pated in educational activities organized by Bilda.

The head office of Bilda is located in Stockholm and Bilda has local branches in most parts of Sweden.

Swedish Christian Study Centre in Jerusalem

SCSC in Jerusalem

The Swedish Christian Study Centre is a unique institution for liberal adult education in the Holy land, run by the Swedish study association Bilda.

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