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About SCSC in English

Swedish christian study centre

The Swedish Christian Study Centre is a unique institution for liberal adult education in the Holy land, run by the Swedish study association Bilda.

Founded in 1991, SCSC organizes and facilitates study trips in the Holy land for groups from Sweden. Since its foundation, SCSC has received more than 10.000 Swedish visitors, and has made a substantial contribution to the interest in and knowledge about the Holy land in Sweden.

In addition to receiving study groups, the Swedish Christian Study Centre hosts Swedish scholars and students wishing to explore the history, culture, and politics of the Holy land. Throughout its history, the SCSC has placed a particular emphasis on developing relationships with the Eastern Churches.

The SCSC also has a local programme, including lectures and seminars on a wide range of topics but concentrating on the Christian heritage of the Holy land. It also serves the Swedish-speaking community in Jerusalem, organizing “breakfast clubs” and study circles. The centre is open to the public on all weekdays.

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SCSC – a bridge to Jerusalem

Since the early 1990s, Swedes have had a unique opportunity to learn more about religion, culture and society in Israel and Palestine on the ground there.

In the spirit of Folkbildning[1], The Swedish Educational Association Bilda has built a bridge between Sweden and the Middle East by establishing a study centre in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Bilda views itself as a guest of the Christian Church in Jerusalem. The Swedish Christian Study Centre (SCSC) is a support centre for contact between Sweden and the Holy Land. The Centre is open to visitors every week day, and lectures, concerts, and exhibitions are organised here on a regular basis.


By Jaffa Gate

SCSC is situated close to Jaffa Gate in the Old City. Jews, Muslims, and Christians pass here every day. Also pilgrims, tourists, and study groups from all around the world come here to see the Holy sites within the ancient walls. This is a unique location for a Swedish education organisation, offering special opportunities and challenges.


Study trips

The main role of SCSC is to be a resource centre for the 20–30 study tours Bilda organises every year.

Many study tours are made by local groups who have prepared for their tour through a study circle. Other tours are organised in cooperation with organisations, schools, and other education institutes. SCSC can provide support here by arranging field trips, workshops, and meetings linked to studies done in the students' home country. Bilda also organises culture and study tours as well as pilgrimages on specific themes. Courses in creative writing with an author as the leader are an example of this.


Volunteers, scholarship students and tourists.

There are opportunities to come SCSC as a volunteer or a scholarship student. Volunteers usually stay three months and help with practical matters and hosting duties. In recent years, many older people have come as senior volunteers.

Annually Bilda awards a Middle East scholarship grant. The grant offers an opportunity to spend a month in Israel and the Palestinian territories to research and explore the area. Applicants must be involved in public education or a cultural organisation.

Its location by Jaffa Gate makes SCSC an attractive place for tourists and temporary visitors. The SCSC roof terrace offers stunning views over the Old City towards the Mount of Olives. The centre itself has a library, WiFi and – not least – peace and quiet.


Participation as an educational concept

Distinctive for a tour with Bilda is the educational concept that you will be an active participant, not simply a passive observer. SCSC programmes address different perspectives of historical, religious, cultural, and political issues, tackle problems and look at different dimensions. They are an educational journey in itself for participants.


Study tour leader

A tour leader accompanies every tour. He or she plans the programme together with the group ahead of the tour. During the trip, the tour leader ensures there is always time for the participants to make discoveries and ask questions for their own further reflection and that of the group.


[1] Folkbildning is a Swedish word often translated to ”adult liberal education”. Folk means people and bildning means learning.

Short facts

  • Founded in 1991
  • More than 10 000 swedish visitors
  • Open to the public on weekdays